Andrew Modlin

Andrew Modlin, Co-Founder & President

Andrew Modlin is the main architect behing MedMen’s unique brand and its mainstreaming marijuana message. An artist by training, Mr. Modlin’s vision informs MedMen’s industry defining retail concept. He is the recipient of the 2017 “Emerging Leaders Award” by the American Marketing Association. Mr. Modlin is also credited with several innovations in cannabis cultivation and manufacturing and oversees MedMen’s operational aspects.

Mr. Modlin and Adam Bierman began MedMen nearly a decade ago, first as medical marijuana dispensary operators. The endeavor eventually led to the most dominant cannabis company in the country with operations and hundreds of millions of dollars in assets deployed in the most important markets in North America.

He is a champion of sensible, clear and just drug laws that strengthen communicates and create business opportunities. MedMen is the single largest financial supporter of progressive marijuana laws at local, state and federal levels.