Starting with a simple vision – cannabis as a consumer product – MedMen has come to dominate the modern cannabis industry. And we continue to raise the bar on excellence and execution, shaping policy and growing our market share with one of the most recognized cannabis brands in the world.

  • 2009 A Vision Is Born.

    Adam Bierman and Andrew Modlin, partners in their own marketing and branding agency, start a new enterprise to capitalize on the burgeoning state-legal cannabis industry.

  • 2010 Cannabis Consulting.

    The pair’s first medical marijuana dispensary, Treehouse, opens in Marina Del Rey followed by several others in the Los Angeles area. As others in the industry approach the partners for business advice, Bierman and Modlin form a consulting firm for the cannabis industry.

  • 2012 Professional Management Services.

    Massachusetts becomes the 18th state to legalize medical marijuana under a restrictive licensing model. Adam Bierman predicts other states will follow the same model and that cannabis will be regulated much like the gambling industry. Thus, license holders will need professional management services. MedMen Management is born.

  • 2013 Licensing and Operating Platform.

    Bierman goes to Nevada, an emerging medical marijuana market, and secures a number of state licenses. The partners begin building an entire system of turnkey management services for cannabis operations, from cultivation to manufacturing and retail.

  • 2015 An Emerging Star.

    MedMen is featured in Time Magazine as the nation begins to see the emergence of a true cannabis industry, one experiencing a dramatic shift from a grassroots movement to a consumer market rivaling traditional consumer goods brands. MedMen West Hollywood becomes the brand’s first retail store and its flagship location.

  • 2016 Fast Expansion.

    MedMen takes over management of an indoor cultivation operation in Los Angeles and upgrades it to a state-of-the-art R&D facility. Later, it breaks ground on a 45,000-square-foot factory in Nevada, the most high-tech facility of its kind in the state capable of 10,000 pounds of high quality marijuana annually. The facility begins operations in early 2018. On the equity front, MedMen launches MedMen Opportunity Fund I, to date the most successful private equity fund in the cannabis space.

  • 2017 Prominence Nationwide.

    MedMen launches second private equity fund and acquires New York license, adding four dispensaries and a cultivation and manufacturing site to its assets. As California prepared to usher in adult sales, MedMen opens stores in Beverly Hills, Venice, downtown Los Angeles, LAX and Orange County. MedMen is featured prominently on CNBC’s The Profit as the most professional outfit in the emerging cannabis industry and Andrew Modlin becomes the first cannabis professional to win the prestigious American Marketing Association’s Emerging Leaders Award.

  • 2018 Public Company Debut.

    MedMen is licensed in four states – California, Florida, Nevada and New York, with 19 facilities and a workforce of more than 800 employees. On May 29th, Medmen becomes a publicly traded company through a reverse takeover, or RTO. MedMen’s common shares begin trading on the Canadian Securities Exchange under the ticker, MMEN.