Our Mission:

To provide high-quality cannabis to all through an unparalleled experience, education, and transparency.

Our Vision:

A world where cannabis is legal and regulated is safer, happier and healthier.

Core Values:

Why Not?

We challenge the status quo. We do not settle for things as they are, we seek to improve, evolve and find new paths. We start with Why Not?

Take Ownership.

We make an honest assessment of our ability to get the job done, we commit to the process and own the outcome. We recognize and learn from our mistakes and have the courage to change course when necessary.

Quick, Not Rushed.

We act quickly and deliberately, not rushed and haphazardly. While speed is an asset, we take the time to ensure our actions are well-informed and well-coordinated.

Promote Collaboration.

We believe in a collective mindset supported by individual accountability. We are responsible to the group and to ourselves.

Dialogue with Purpose.

We listen actively and speak directly. We are honest and respectful. Constructive dialogue leads to purposeful and effective action.

Support Success.

We are a supportive meritocracy that rewards individual success. We recognize success only happens with the proper tools and resources.

Achieve Excellence.

We never settle for anything short of the best. We go the extra mile, and the mile after that.