MedMen Launches First of its Kind Cannabis Radio Ad

May 25, 2018

Los Angeles (May 25, 2018) – Underscoring the growing normalization of marijuana use among American adults, MedMen, the nation's leading cannabis brand, recently launched an advertising campaign on Sirius XM Satellite Radio. The :60 and :30 spots, the first of their kind, will reach 18 million unique listeners per month nationwide across flagship channels such as The Howard Stern Show, Radio Andy and Raw Dog Comedy, as well as several sports channels.

"This is our first win from a national media perspective," said B.J. Carretta, chief marketing officer for MedMen. "This also is a win for the industry as a whole and hopefully it continues to open the eyes of other larger scale media entities that cannabis normalization is happening."

Because marijuana is still banned under federal law, most broadcasters do not accept cannabis related ads. Rules around cannabis advertising vary from state to state. In states like California, where adult-use sales are now legal, brands can advertise on billboards, in print publications and online with certain limitations. Sirius XM has run strictly medical marijuana ads in the past. The MedMen ads mark the first time the satellite network has run ads that cater to both medical and adult use.

"Who is MedMen?" The radio ad says. "MedMen is redefining the cannabis industry and becoming the most trusted cannabis brand in the US, with stores in California and Nevada offering over 1,000 products for both medicinal as well as adult-use."

The ad offers $10 off purchases to listeners who visit MedMen stores in California and Nevada, and will run through the remainder of the year.

MedMen's willingness to push the envelope on cannabis advertising has made it the most recognized brand in the space, and one of the largest retailers of cannabis products in the U.S. The company uses a variety of channels to redefine perceptions and to promote the brand to an ever-widening audience:

  • Print - Los Angeles Magazine, The Fight, Orange Coast, The Los Angeles Blade, San Diego Magazine, and a number of local alternative weeklies.
  • Billboards - More than 30 high-traffic locations in California and Nevada.
  • Mobile Billboards - A fleet of 60 branded trucks across Southern California.
  • Web - Programmatic banner ads for store locations in California and Nevada.
  • Influencer Marketing - Use of social media celebrities to promote the brand.
  • Podcasting - Partnering with a variety of talent and shows that want to be on the forefront of marijuana normalization.

About MedMen:

MedMen Enterprises is the preeminent cannabis company in the U.S. and the most recognized brand in the emerging marijuana industry, with assets and operations in key markets. Based in Los Angeles, MedMen employs more than 800 employees, and is the single largest financial supporter of progressive marijuana laws. Visit

Media Contact:

Briana Chester